Best Outdoor Gas Griddle – Bioexcel 3 in 1 Outdoor Heavy Duty Gas Griddle

With an output of 90,000 BTUs, this cooker is not only useful at home but also in snack bars, restaurants, and campsites to prepare large meals. It has temperature dials for adjusting the heat depending on the type of food you’re cooking.

You don’t have to worry about smoke since the cooker uses propane which is environmental-friendly. In addition to a hose that facilitates gas flow from the propane tank to the cooker, the package includes a regulator to control gas pressure.

The cooker has a griddle for food that doesn’t require deep-frying. It’s made from stainless steel to retain strength and combat scaling; high temperatures notwithstanding. Not only that, its hassle-free assembly prevents delays during the setup.

Another essential addition is two fryer baskets with handles for easy carrying and scald prevention. These together with a removable oil tank allow you to make different dishes like chicken, fries, fish, and onion rings.


  • Runs on environmental-friendly propane
  • Removable oil tank for easy cleaning
  • Independent dials allow temperature regulation
  • Fryer baskets contain handles to facilitate transportation and prevent scalding
  • Stainless steel griddle to resist scaling at high temperatures
  • Easy assembly ensures you don’t waste time on the setup.
  • Regulator to control the amount of pressure from the fuel tank
  • Hose to enable gas flow from the fuel tank to the cooker


  • Touching the griddle while still hot may cause injury

Relevant Accessories for Your Best Outdoor Gas Griddle

The following are some essential accessories for your best outdoor gas griddle.

Griddle Cover

Covers protect your griddle from rain and sun damage. However, ensure the cover fits your cooker perfectly. Undersize covers might tear or leave some parts unprotected. Oversize covers, on the other hand, are loose and likely to fall off.

Basting & Steaming Cover

Aside from minimizing spatter and retaining the food’s flavor, basting covers reduce cooking time by concentrating heat. The cover you choose should have a heat-resistant handle so that you can hold it with bare hands. Similarly, ensure it has a large diameter to accommodate your meals on the griddle.

Complete Stainless Steel Griddle Cooking Kit

Most kits contain items like scrappers, tongs, flippers, egg rings, spatulas, even bottles. Before buying, see to it that the tools are in immaculate condition.


Scrapers remove burnt food and caked-on grease from your cooktop. Always ensure its material is easy to clean and durable to prevent breaking or bending. Similarly, ensure the handle is comfortable to protect your hands from soreness.

Under the Grill Protective Mat

It is placed under the cooker to protect your floor from spills. In addition to being heat-resistant, the mat should be non-absorbent and easy to clean using soap and water. Also, see to it that its material is durable to prevent wear.

Gas lighter

Gas lighters are used in place of matchsticks to ignite burners. They vary in size, design, and features. Common characteristics include; a safety lock to protect children, a dial to adjust the size of your flame, and splash and windproof guards to keep away wind and wetness.

Portable Griddle Table

Aside from holding your grill in place, griddle tables provide extra working space when preparing meals. To prevent the cooker from falling off, ensure the griddle table is compatible with your model. It should also be durable but at the same time light enough to enhance portability.

Heat Resistant Insulated Cooking Gloves

Wear them to protect your hands from burns as you to handle hot food. First, choose the right size to enhance comfort. Because you’ll encounter oil, grease, and chemical stains, the gloves should also be easy to clean.

A Non-Stick Camp Griddle

This accessory is useful for transforming your ordinary grill into a griddle. In addition to having a durable structure, ensure its surface is easy to clean. You can choose the griddle you want depending on the surface area of your grill.